Hotel and Restaurant: June 1 - September 30 | Spa: May 1 - December 15, 2023 

Be inspired...

Surrounded by many towns and villages rich in history, culture and tradition.
The taste of good eating offered by local culinary traditions.
A few kilometers from the sea, immersed in the greenery of Suio Spa.

Vacations with taste


In order to allow everyone a small taste of the immediate excellence and riches near us...we wanted to bring together just a few of the ideas that depending on your preferences and available time you can combine to create your own Holiday - DO-IT-YOURSELF! First of all, we have brought together the WELLNESS of the Hotel Terme Santamaria with the possibility of mud therapy, thermal baths, massages, stay with the TASTE of the Osteria "Terra di Briganti" where you can choose to have lunch or dinner.
Tourist Attractions
• Minturno 
Of great archaeological importance is the Roman theater built around the 1st century AD. 
Pro Loco Minturno
• Gaeta 
The split mountain with the beautiful "Turk's Cave" and its shrine. 
Pro Loco Gaeta
• Itri 
The castle with its mighty medieval fortress begun in 882 and the very ancient sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita, the Appia Antica. Pro Loco Itri
• Sperlonga 
The very famous archaeological museum in the city that was the imperial residence of Tiberius.
Pro Loco Sperlonga
• Ventosa 
Medieval village, rich in handicrafts (weed processing). 
Tourist Information
• Ausonia 
Medieval village with castle and Stone Museum of ancient pre-Roman origins. 
Pro Loco Ausonia
• Suio Alto 
Original village built around the castle with 12 towers. View across the Garigliano plain. 
Pro Loco Castelforte
• Santa Maria in Pensulis e Via Franchigena 
A few minutes away is the ancient church with Templar presence on the Via Franchigena. 
Pro Loco Castelforte
• Sessa Aurunca 
Aurunca town with medieval castle, Roman museum, Roman theater, and rich evidence of the past. 
Pro Loco Sessa Aurunca
• Formia 
City rich in Roman history, with Roman cistern (third largest in the world), cryptoporticus, national museum, and Cicero's tomb.
Municipality of Formia
• Coreno Ausonio  

Town perched in the mountains rich in history related to the war events of World War II and known worldwide for the extraction of Coreno marble. Pro Loco Coreno Ausonio

• Montecassino e la Citta’ di Cassino 
Visit to the famous abbey of St. Benedict. 
Abbey of Monte Cassino
• Wine Tours 
Very close to various producers of prestigious and ancient wines. Possibility of visits to Galluccio (PDO), Falerno and Cecubo wineries. Wine Shop of the Territory - visit with tasting and sampling.
• Coffee Academy 
Visit at a family-run factory and learn how coffee is produced and processed from the bean to good coffee.
• Scauri 
Scauri beach is only a few minutes away.
• Panorama Shopping Center
• Shopping Cassino Center

Create your adventure

Now all that's left to do is to choose from the many destinations near us and within a few minutes' drive (also shuttle-bus option).
Credit cards and cash payments are accepted.
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