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Care and Wellness

The thermal waters that spring from our springs are rich in minerals, therapeutic virtues and beneficial to the body.
Immersed in tubs of warm water, you will be massaged and pampered by invigorating jets or purified by mud therapy.
To return renewed to everyday life.


The devices break down the mineral water into particle sizes ranging from 3 to 10 microns in diameter, which predominantly diffuse into the upper respiratory tract.

Thermal bath

The thermal bath is indicated for arthrorheumatic and dermatological diseases. The patient soaks in a tub of thermal water (temperature of 37°/39°) for about 15 min.

Mud and therapeutic bath

The mud (at about 40°) is applied partially or completely to the body for 10 to 15 min. and then washed off with a shower of thermal water. This is followed by immersion in a tub of thermal water (37°/38°) for 10 min and the final sweating phase, for 30 min, in which toxins are expelled.

Thermal whirlpool
with ozone or without ozone

It consists of combining the benefits of the sulfur water of the thermal bath with those of the pressure of the whirlpool jets. Indicated for diseases of the joint and muscular system and peri some diseases of the circulatory system.


They consist of the introduction of mineral water or its gaseous constituents into the airways by means of special equipment designed to nebulize the water into minute particles that, when micronized, will be able to reach the finest and most peripheral bronchiolar branches.

Face mask of Thermal Clay

Thermal clay body mask

Details and Offers

Learn about available sessions and treatment rates offered at our facility.
Considering that service delivery takes place in the short term, there is no waiting list.
Credit cards and cash payments are accepted.
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